Pascal’s Cycling — DM

The shared space & ferry transport was pretty cool to look at. It’s interesting to see how they have unique roads specifically meant for bikers, and transportation systems outside of cycling seem to incorporate cycling into them. For example, ferry waiting lines plan for riders to have their bikes on them, so the space is distributed to accommodate for that. We don’t see much of this here in the U.S.. I think of the metro in D.C. and I see riders cram in with bikes, but the space does not seem so accommodating for bike user. The Netherlands, on the other hand, seem to accommodate cyclers users in all other institutions of transportation!

One thing I really want to know about from Pascal is what the government has done to persuade people of Amsterdam and Netherlands to use their bikes. Do they subsidize constituents who use bikes, electric bikes, vehicles, etc.? I’ve seen this happen recently in some bigger cities and other states, and I would think the Netherlands would be onto this!


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