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Based on Wednesday’s post, I thought it was interesting especially in the video titled “Polder road” that there was no bicycle sidewalk built for cyclists? In the videos that we watched on Wednesday they talked about how the Dutch take pride in having cyclists pathways. On the contrast, in the video titled” polder mediation video”, there is only a path for cyclists. How do they decide where to have a cyclist path or not? How does the process in which they design the cycle paths differ in the city vs. the outskirts of the city? In the video titled, “Singel to cs VCL” I really liked how the cycle path you don’t have to worry about running into cars at all and you can go for a road trip conveniently. Something that also stood out to my was the “parking spots” for the bikes outside restaurants revealing how bike-friendly Amsterdam is whereas (even in California) where I live and people like to bike a lot something that deters people from biking everywhere is the fact that it can be very hard to park at a restaurant or a coffee shop. In the video titled ” Shared space and Ferry transport on the IJ in Amsterdam”, Pascal talks about how there is no right of way and there are no traffic rules in this area and you have to negotiate with your eyes which culturally when comparing to the United States’s culture can be very difficult to make a decision when driving through eye contact to show where your intentions are of driving. In the video, titled ” Unbelievably busy bicycle crossing”, how the bicycles are moving through traffic the way that cars do? They move so coherently which is quite amazing and it is as if there is an understanding between the driver, the cyclist, and the pedestrians. I think it is very different for Americans to see so many cyclists in a city or even in the outskirts as our cities are not designed for cyclists to the way that Amsterdam is.


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  1. I would expect there to be a significant difference between cycling infrastructure within the inner cities of Netherlands versus the outskirts of cities like you mentioned. I think a lot of it has to do with sprawl and where the room and area is needed for cyclers to feel safe on roads. In one of the videos I watched they really emphasize creating barriers between cyclers and vehicles in the cities, so maybe it’s easier to keep that space on the outskirts without such significant implementations? These are great questions to bring up and I’d like to find answers for them as well!


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