Handdrawn map of hometown Saratoga, California

One of the local water features that is featured in my map of my hometown Saratoga is Stevens Creek Reservoir. Reservoirs are a a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply. There are multiple purposes of the Stevens Creek Reservoir that make this a body of water. The design behind the reservoir is not just to maintain the water supply for the town in the most efficient way but also so that it would create recreational activities for people in the area to do. There are also hiking trails, fishing and equestrian around the reservoir which was planned to cater the needs and wants of the community as there are not another “lake” around the area. Similar objective of a a reservoir, the outlet system created in the Netherlands was used so that the sea dikes could replenish as much land possible and the surrounding creeks,etc. would be used to transport and store the water. The main difference between the Reservoir in my hometown and the outlet system in the Netherlands is in the Netherlands they use the windmills as apart of their drainage system. The way it is used is “Polder Water was discharged or pumped into the higher outlet system, and from there the water was released in the outside water, either naturally, or further by pumping. Eventually this led to the formation of a freshwater reservoir”(Bobbink, Nijhuis). Based on this description, one can tell how advanced of a system the Netherlands is using to optimize all their land and how thoughtfully designed they have created the outlet system. Similar to the Stevens creek Reservoir, these reservoirs also serve as recreational purpose for the community to have boating activities which is a great way to save and water and let citizens enjoy the area.


Inge Bobbink and Steffen Nijhuis, “The Making of Dutch Delta Landscapes,” in Han Meyer, et al., Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands (APA Planners Press, 1990), ch. 3 (60)).


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