The Grim Adventures of ​Blakely and Coornert

​For the purposes of understanding this essay and the comedic tone, ​kindly read in the voice of the grim reaper from: the grim adventures of billy and mandy

You and I will one day meet,
and I’ve seen many before. From
the beginning of time and until
the end of days I will look over
the corps’ of many. Over the
years I’ve seen civilizations built
and empires fall. As I wander
this earth, man continues to look
over his shoulder. Years ago I
haunted the same land you folk
seem to be so interested in, the
Netherlands, Amsterdam
particularly. I sometimes
question to myself, why? It
fascinates me that with the
meaningless time you mortals
have you choose to pursue
conflict. This is also the case in
the city of amsterdam. Built on a
bedrock which formed over
years of cultural expansion and
development, Amsterdam is still
guilty of racial bias just like the
rest of your kind. I frankly can’t
understand your fascination by
it. Over those years many have
walked across this land but what
really matters is what they ​left
​. Many left hollow
castles, others self acclaimed
legacies, but what does that
mean to those who follow in
their wake? For the innocent I sigh, but for those who spilled the blood of their fellow brothers and sisters over this God-given gift of a planet, I have no option but to greet them with the same hostility they showed their fellow man. It is no wonder you foolish mortals let something like color cause chaos between you, for it is the foolish trait of sin that you inherited from your fathers dating back to Adam that caused these ripples. For I, ​death​, come with the knowledge to not discriminate. Ludicrously enough, doing so within the ranks of those you equal.

A Momento​ I’ve gathered as part of my collection is the ​Blacks In The Dutch World​ composition, which has opened my eyes to those who have fought to preserve history and inspire the truth. Fortunately for the innocent and pure, a new beginning will be kind. Starting with Blakely and his work, who I’d like to meet, but the job never makes it easy, nonetheless he is a prime example of a man who lived and fought for what he saw as justice. ​Blacks In The

Dutch World,​ explores the lives of those who suffered at the cruel hand of sin and their lives before the grasp. As the sands slipped through the cracks of the clenched fist, acting as an hourglass until justice, take a look at the impending consequences of man’s behaviour. We still stand today with the remaining grains on a flat palm, but it is no longer acceptable to do nothing. The likes of Blakley dedicated their lives to ​flip​ the hand and even the playing field. As you can see, historically speaking, massacre is a quality of your people, and it is truly a shame that those hands find it so hard to come together in prayer, that is until it’s too late. For some of you forget that the day of judgment will be upon you soon, whether it is marked by the four horsemen, the horn of Israel or another way, it would be way too late.

“Memento Mori”, an object that serves as a warning or reminder of death, sounds about right. Captivating how Coornert depicted me so well, despite having not met me at the time. As you look at the work of Dirck Coornhert, you notice it was a woman in the painting, but is she Black or white? Asian or latino? It is amazing how blind you mortals can be. For in front of the lord you are one, your sin and charity will be on opposite ends of the same scale. God created men and women, underneath all the flesh to be the same, composed of the same Skelton. The circumstance we meet does not matter, it could be a war or in the comfort of your home, but meeting me is inevitable. Another thing to take into consideration is the ignorance one must portray to partake in such an act to begin with. An era dominated with religion, yet such cruelty slipped by. We gave you the signs. Multiple religions even, multiple values, yet all of you saw it to be acceptable to instruct such massacre, slavery you called it.

Not to get ahead of ourselves though, compared to the United States’ history The Netherlands threaded a mile behind, I’ll leave that for the guy upstairs though, he’s got a whole thing prepared for them. Truely, the depiction of black people in paintings at the time was generally of them as subordinates and slaves. Having been there, there’s no denying slavery happened, but the lack of paintings portraying black people in individual strength and/or solidarity does tint the perspective of those who look at this timeline through only the paintings. On the other hand, some africans and dutch of african descent were in a place of comfort, and some, power. Take the following painting of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneoas an example. What if she was here, what would she say? Unfortunately she’s not doing much talking these days according to my brother Lucifer, but he could never be trusted. Well I’m sure she felt proud, strong and confident in comparison to the boy behind her who was simply drawn in as an object they flaunted around. Then again I guess I’m partially the reason many retribution efforts were cut short, death. As we have seen this history play out, through solidarity you progressed as a people, eventually. It simply took a few men and women to look me in the eyes and whisper “not today”.

Moving on the artist Anthony van Dyck, despite the blessing that is his skills, he acted as a mouthpiece to evil. The author is also guilty of tainting the timeline we spoke off. Thankfully you mortals were taught how to read and write, alongside the other channels of communication. Collectively your kind has kept a

somewhat accurate log of what little you know about this world and its inhabitants. Drawing back to Blakley as an example, he offered solace to the timeline, devoting his efforts to not only informing the people but also correcting others’ falsified attempts of expression. As for those who kept the timeline and honored a vow of truth for I will take kindness to their soul. I wish blakley a long life, but when the time comes for us to meet, I promise him a spacious grave, a wind of comfort and the knowledge of knowing what he accomplished.

As we all lay idle in preparation for the day judgment I write these scrolls. A detailed explanation of one’s deeds and morals. If you are reading this, I would consider your own, what will it say? As for you Blakley, when you are reading this, you will not know until it is too late. Rest assured your story is placed in the library of time, forever changing the view of many for the better. Living and dying for what you believe in, after your many years of service to God, the people, time and yourself, I am proud to pass this memoir to my brothers in paradise You earned a slot many yearn to work for, and to that I bid you farewell. You may now rest in peace.


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