Missed Joppe Schaaper Response

After watching the Zoom recording, I really regret not being able to make it to the live class with Joppe Schaaper. It was a very intriguing presentation about the gradual progression of Dutch architecture, urban design, and anti-flood design. However, just like there is a gradual change, Joppe also mentioned times of rapid change as well. I really enjoyed listening to Joppe’s response to Max’s question about how the Netherlands was impacted by the First World War, despite remaining neutral. Economic hardship, supply shortages, and resource shortages all crippled the Netherlands during World War I, despite the fact that they did not participate. His response was enlightening because when I heard that, I immediately connected the dots between the Netherlands’ reliance on sea-faring trade when it comes to maintaining a healthy, stable economy. The Dutch do not have an abundance of natural resources, but what they lack in land area, they tend to make up for in naval dominance. I did not think of how the war would impact them by limiting their ability to trade with other nations, especially because the commodities they offer are usually luxurious, rather than essential. A wartime economy would be very difficult to maintain without a stable trading partner. Joppe also mentions the boom in social housing around that time, and how the city planners had to accommodate many refugees from neighboring nations, such as Belgium.


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