Week 1: Nescio & Betsky


I live in Northern California specifically “Silicon Valley” hence the Valley which is the landscape around me so when I look up in to the distance I see mountains specifically The Santa Cruz Mountains. For my walk, I decided to go on a hike in the mountains to really capture the landscape that is around me. I encountered lots of large redwood trees with the body of water around me during the walk are creeks and rivers. The animals I encountered on my walk were mostly deer and squirrels. This contrasts from Nescio’s “Little Titans” as the main characters would hang out the Dike and Oosterpark. The Dike is very different from rivers and small creeks as it a dike is a man made water used to for flooding purposes whereas the rivers and small creeks on my walk are all natural. Around the Dike, they would see cows and the only noises they would hear late at night were the the croaking noises of the Frog. Nescio points out that up on the mountain windmills, blossoming apple trees, and chestnut trees with red and white flowers. Whereas, in my picture, there are big redwood trees and it is very green however, there are no flowers and windmills.


Cars are going at high speed about 30 MPH around my neighborhood. The town’s buildings are quiet short and you can hear the birds chirping in the morning. Most of the homes have a Spanish influence such as my home in the image I have taken a picture above. In California the influence of Spanish plays a role in how Californians design their homes. While my home is on the flat ground in the background in the back right corner (vaguely) you can see the mountains my whole town is surrounded by creating a valley. In the town, the easiest way to get from place to place is by car and getting on the highway to work. As I go for my walk around my neighborhood, I pass a major creek. Saratoga has one major creek that runs through the town. There is lots of greenery to look at. The way i analyzed this walk through Betsky’s lens made me become very aware with every step I took. I was constantly analyzing the way each house was spaced out from another and how my neighborhood was structured and the way so people can have their own private lives.


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