Applying the Dutch Bike way

The video of “The Amsterdam children fighting cars in 1972” genuinely shocked me. Like the kids in the video, I used to play ball in the street, and we always had to pause whenever a car passed, but I never thought to bring a change like them. I thought no adults would listen. Dutch kids’ braveness of expressing their will surprised me first and Dutch adult’s sincere attitude of listening then supporting and reflecting it to future city planning surprised me next. And Dutch did it really properly. By designing the city from a cyclist’s mind, the Dutch implement creative, efficient, safe, and user-friendly systems such as Dutch roundabout, cycle traffic light, and safe waiting area for street crossing cyclists. 

There are two long parks along the Han River, Seoul. One above and another below the Han river, these are the most popular exercise spots, especially for cyclists. Near where I live, there is a small roundabout of four-way which two of them are connected to the park above the river. Plus, another attached way of this roundabout is currently connected to the power station which is scheduled to be transformed into a park next year. This roundabout is currently not designed friendly to cyclists at all. There is not even a bike exclusive lane. I like to transform this key intersection into a bicycle-friendly area applying Dutch principles.

Black : Bicycle and Pedestrian road

Yellow : traffic diving line

Green : Grass protection line

Orange : cyclist rest area for crossing the road

by David Hyon


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