Pascal reflection

There seem to be lots of no vehicle zones where only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed. Although one of the videos briefly mentioned, I wonder how beneficial this zone is to local businesses and street shops. I believe one of the limitations to bicycle’s wide adoption in the U.S. is our shopping culture. Our wholesale preference requires a vehicle with a large storage capacity. Using the same logic, I imagine not having that feature would restrict shoppers to visit the no vehicle shopping zone. The video said many shop owners welcome the city’s decision on creating those restricted zones and it helps their business. How beneficial actually is it? and how can it be adapted to the U.S?

Even though I had this question prepared before the class, I am writing this after the lecture. I have asked this question in the live zoon session. Pascal’s answer was simple. Having vehicle restriction forces customers to walk more. They walk more so more stores are exposed and they visit more as well. Less storage capacity forces them to shop more frequently, so sales naturally increase as well. Also, there are a couple of creative ways to overcome storage limitations such as wagon-style bicycles with large storage or delivery bicycles.

by David Hyon


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