Joppe Schaaper Reflection

Amsterdam is an interesting city. Through Joppe’s video lecture, I was able to observe a discernible change of the city throughout city development history. The root of the Amsterdam, chromosome shape the old and new city, was always there and the city grew around it similar to how a tree grows. Like tree ring tell not only history but also characteristic of the tree, city development history of Amsterdam announce their characteristic.

One of the examples is the development of Joraan. Joraan was built in a similar shape to an old illegal settlement outside the city. This tells efficient adaptation and tolerance of the Dutch. By absorbing the illegal settlement as it is, Amsterdam must have saved tons of money in the development. And seeing those new merged settlements was soon filled with residents, it is easily infer-able that those illegal citizens were accepted as well. Having this example would have attracted more migrants and increase the diversity of the city. I carefully suggest this is the source of the Dutch’s creativity. I would know Joppe’s idea on my thought of this.

By David Hyon


One thought on “Joppe Schaaper Reflection

  1. Through the industrialization, population of the Amsterdam skyrocket than ever. It required more space and cheaper residents. Although the philosophy of efficiency and creativity continue, unify look were gone in the newly developed areas. They focused on economic and open space. Dutch’s creative attempts in these areas were most interesting to me. To Joppe, I would like to ask which neighborhood Dutch at that time prefer most and why, and which neighborhood Dutch prefer today and why.


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