Kuper Reflection

I retired as a staff sergeant from the Korean Air Forces years ago. One of the Korean Airforce’s motto is “obey superior’s rational order” which was originally “obey superior’s order”. This is due to changing time and situation which can change everything, sometimes even what is right and wrong.
May 1938 was an unstable time. Hitler was rising and other countries were fear of another war. As the generation experience horrifying and mass killing World War I, no one wanted the other one. In this point of view, I agree with Prime Minister Chamberlain’s motive on keeping the peace. “he Germans were not asking him to lie or hurt or kill somebody, just play in a good team with many of his friends.”( Kuper 183) Although his judgment was wrong, giving the bad guys false respect to have millions of lives saved is not a bad strategical decision.
However, I sympathize agony and indignity that players have to go through. This action has haunted them for the rest of their lives and no one should easily judge them for following the order.

by David Hyon


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