Stumbling Stones Reflection

“There is no future for a people/nation who have forgotten history.” This is an old proverb in Korea insisting on the importance of history. History has value in preventing future mistakes and holocaust is tragic history, therefore, it should never be forgotten to prevent the next one. Stumbling stones are a very efficient monument in a sense of this philosophy.

“The average passer-by will have no idea what the wall and the monument represent.” (Kuper 312). Although some may not realize the meaning of these monuments, it is undeniable that they have at least seen it once as there are about 500 stumbling stones in Amsterdam and more than 75,000 across Europe. As long as they have a memory of seeing it, people will eventually learn the meanings behind it. And when they do, the effects might be more powerful than expected. By realizing the tragic history of the common item they pass by every day, the importance of it would be sealed strongly in their memory. Thus, it is more important to focus on extensively disseminating the education of these monuments.

by David Hyon


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