Bicycle 2

Watching Pascal’s video: CYCLE STREET PART 1, I found it very interesting how different so many aspects of Amsterdam’s streets were to those in the US (East Coast). What struck me the most was the lack of stop signs and additional paint. Further research revealed that the triangular white paint, or haaientanden, replace signage. They indicate that drivers must yield to those already on the road. 

This is something that I do not think would work well in the United States without further implementation.  Even with stop-signs, many drivers do “rolling stops”, slowing down but never fully stopping.  US drivers treating speed limits more as speed minimums (especially on highways) are another example of the danger of reducing the responsibility of drivers. I feel that if the haaientanden was implemented in the US, drivers would barely regard them.   

My question for Pascal is: How is bicycle etiquette/laws taught in the classroom and in driving (license) exams?


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