Bavink Reflection

The author Nescio of Young Titans tells a story about a group of guys residing in  Amsterdam and how they manage life there. They use the scenery around them to fantasize about life and how they could interact with it. I want to particularly talk about Bavink who constantly thought about the sun. He had imagined running to the sun and was extremely disappointed that he couldn’t paint the sun as beautiful as it was. He could never paint the sun no matter where he was sitting from, which made him sad. He liked the sun because it was something that would rise everyday, even though he didn’t know how. It was a constant in his life which he enjoyed. He wanted to put the beautiful emotions he felt towards the sun into a painting in order to create an object for his emotions, but he was never able to do this. He went insane because he could never truly see and comprehend the world even after painting it so much. Bavink was never able to move on from his youth. That is why he loves the sun so much, because it was a part of his surroundings that never changed. He fixated so heavily at the sun that it hurt his eyes and sadly mental stability.


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