Change and monotony

My sketch depicts part of a block in my neighborhood that I walked by on my way to school. As I was sketching the view from memory, my mind focused on the tree and the path that I walked for four years. To me, the landscape I sketched represents change and growth, but at the same time it reminds me of the monotony the characters in Nesico’s “little titans” felt. I moved here during my freshman year of high school, from the neighboring neighborhood. Yet, the landscape was entirely different, less urban and greener. Highschool was a time where I became more independent and the change in landscape helped solidify a visual reminder. At the same time I walked the same path every day, passing the tree I drew on my way to and from the subway stop. In this sense, I felt the monotony of life that Nesico’s characters felt. On my way to learn more about the world through school, this landscape was something I walked by and got tired of seeing.


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