Young Titans: Bavink’s view

Throughout the story, the main characters refer to their landscape around them to ground themselves and find a place in their monotonous lives. One character in particular, Bavink, stood out to me because of his fascination with describing the sun through paintings. He believes that God is constantly calling his name and the constant reminder of his name pushes him to paint in an effort to depict God.

One site that Bavink constantly goes back to is the scene with a sun, whether it be from atop a dike or at the foot of a beach. Even though he visits these places at different times in his life, he always sees the view in terms of the colors. The sun always rises, and for him that seemed to be a constant in his life. Bavink turned to painting as a way to put the emotion he felt from the landscape around him into a tangible object. But when he was unable understand the world, even after painting it so many times, he went insane. In the beginning, when the boys were all together, Bavink swore never to paint the sunset, with the golden stripe dancing along the water. Yet at the end, we find out that he has painted the scene numerous times, unable to explain why the sun always rises again.

The natural landscapes that they boys saw represented the freedom they had in their youth, the opportunity to be creative and dream. However, as they grew older, they became more limited to the urban landscape, mirroring the monotonous routine many of them felt through their jobs. Bavink however, never went past the rural landscape, fixating on the sun and its constant cycle, similar to his own inability to break out of his mindset. He continued painting past his youth and in the end, was institutionalized and never looked past the natural landscape into the urban world around him.


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