Young Titans: Bekker’s Freedom

Myles Franklin | May 17, 2021

This blog post will be focused on Bekker from Young Titans. Bekker had strong ties to Amsterdam’s urban environment since he tirelessly worked in an office within the city. Bekker despised urban life because of its capitalistic and classist nature. While aspects of capitalism and classism can be found in rural areas, they were magnified in urban areas due to a dense workforce that was clearly below their upper-class bosses. Bekker associated urban areas with work and a lack of autonomy. On the other hand, Bekker viewed rural areas as freedom.

The most important sites that contributed to Bekker’s thinking of urban and rural were the office, home, meadows, and dikes. In the office, Bekker worked a job that he didn’t enjoy and refused to allow him the freedom that he wanted. At home, Bekker disliked the narrow street he lived on along with the cramped space he lived, and he somewhat attributed his home to his job. Therefore, these urban sites shaped Bekker to view urban areas similar to a prison. The meadows and dikes were characterized by nature, open space, sunshine, and beauty. Bekker found these rural sites to be the source of his happiness and the complete opposite of his urban life and sites. Therefore, Bekker found freedom and happiness in rural areas. His dream was to one day save up enough money to retire and leave on a heath, which would be his ultimate expression of freedom.


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