Young Titans by Nescio

In Nescio’s Young Titans he writes about a group of guys that are living in a type of paradigm shift in Amsterdam and how they are dealing with it. Each man has their way they are dealing with this shift in society, however I will be mainly taking a look at Bekker. Bekker really doesn’t like this new age that Amsterdam is moving into and is not fond of the urban areas. He really despises his office 9-6 lifestyle and constantly daydreams about the sunrise on the dikes with his friend. This spot was particularly special to Bekker because it is sort of where he felt most at peace; away from the “gentleman” at his office who paid and treated them terribly. Bekker is always talking about the sunrise and twilight with great sentiment when he is at work, which subsequently makes his days feel longer. Feeling like this place is a hidden gem for Bekker and his friend, they use it to take revenge on the “gentleman” that treat them terribly. They do so by not telling them of these areas and the speciality of it, for Bekker and his friend believe that the “gentleman” are simply too thick skulled to really appreciate the true beauty of nature. Bekker really sticks to his feelings of nature and appreciating the rural areas, despite having many of his friends embrace the urban lifestyle by spending their time at bars, and being part of political parties.


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