Young Titans: Freedom and Eternity

The story is about a group of friends who truly seem to be enjoying nature and everything in life quite differently than how everybody seems to be living around them. Since the beginning of the story, they seem to be appreciating every little aspect of life. The animals, the sun, the feeling of sitting outside and enjoying the weather as they gaze far into the clouds. However, as they grew older, almost all of them began to lose the ideal vision of life. The group of friends seemed to be always captivated by how God is everywhere and everything at the same time whilst the rest of the world seemed to be busy with things that the boys did not find quite important. 

One specific moment that I enjoyed about the reading was when the guys were sitting at the curb late midnight and staring from bricks and then up to the stars. In that section, It was very interesting to read how the author described what each boy was doing and truly painted their nature as if it was a painting. As Bekker was feeling sad for his boss, Hoyer was standing up since the curb was too cold and Bavink was always confused and describing the sun and the vision he had in his head. 

In a way, as I was reading this story, I remembered my childhood back in Armenia, where I would spend countless hours with my group of friends by our meeting spot at the “bridge”. We would talk about life, climb on trees to eat endless apricots and mulberries and at night we would engage in long conversations about our beliefs and how we view life. Although almost 17 years have passed, we are still friends yet we all do very different jobs in life and only get to see each other when I am back in my homeland. 

The same feeling of freedom described in the story is what I had felt back then, and when I return back to my neighborhood I always think about how we all felt invisible as if childhood and everything we were experiencing at that time would last forever. But now, as we are all old, and some of us married with jobs, when we get back together, we seem to be standing there on that bridge like the shadows of our childhood – and wonder, what can we make of our days to regain those same feelings of eternity. 

The natural landscapes that the boys saw represented the freedom they had in their youth, the opportunity to be creative and dream. However, as they grew older, they became more limited to the urban landscape, mirroring the monotonous routine many of them felt through their jobs.


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