Backyard Reflection

For my venture into the outdoors, I decided to escape my apartment and travel the long way to my backyard. I’m living in Washington D.C. within a townhouse, so my backyard is just a small alley backyard with a garden bed and a bench in front of it. I decided to sketch a flower plant that I recently bought to bring some color to the yard. Although the backyard is small, It fits its purpose as a small getaway whenever the stress of life is to bearing. My roommate and I moved in about 3 months ago with the backyard in a horrible, overgrown state. I recently have been putting a lot of work into the garden beds in the morning and have been able to fix it up to a presentable level. This assignment has caused me to look at what I have been doing out in this garden under the eyes of sustainability in this environment as well as the community. 

I have noticed that since my work in the garden, life has been attracted to plants that have been growing and making the garden their home. Recently, a mother dove built a nest burrowed within our apartment wall. Many twigs from the garden along with leaves from our blooming tree helped build this nest along with the life that would eventually grow inside it. Seeing my work become one with nature felt like a true purpose unlike my work being done in the classroom. 

I also noticed that my work has caused me to support local businesses with all of the new flowers and seeds coming from a local hardware and flower shop. The money I gave the company for all the supplies helps them stay in business a little longer through this tough pandemic. It’s interesting to see how a personal project can have a greater affect on the sustainability of a community in general. 

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