My Haven

After biking around for about ten minutes, I found myself taking a break by my favorite street in the Vatican city right inside the heart of Rome. Compared to many other metropolises such as New York, London, or Tehran, the Italian capital offers far more foliage with hilly terrains and various types of trees that are indigenous to North Africa, the Mediterranean coastline, and Southern Europe. It only takes a few minutes to completely escape from the industrial part of the city that is filled with unending traffic, Vespas and narrow alleys.

I specifically related this area to Nescio’s Young Titans because just like the group of friends that find freedom and God in nature (right outside the city) so do I here within the quiet solitude of the Vatican gardens. Although I am not in search of God like Bavkin, I do share his opinion that God is indeed everywhere we turn our attention. This is specifically true for me here where in the past two years I have found myself sitting and pondering about various topics while the entire world was spinning out of control. Describing it as my haven would be an understatement.

I believe every city should preserve and cherish parks and nature the same way Romans do for various reasons. Firstly, it would allow Humans to stay more connected with nature. This is especially true for future generations who seem to be more connected with technology and AI than the natural environment. Nature is just as alive as we are and can be incredibly beneficial for us if we take care of it. This is why it is important to promote the 11th goal of Sustainable Development presented by the UN, to make cities and human settlements more sustainable. Protecting nature will also protect our future and allow the world to become a better place.


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