Nescio/Peter Personal Reflection

Different angle of the lake I drew (or attempted to)

I chose to (try to) draw a man-made lake about 5 minutes away from my house where I walk my dog multiple times a week. I relate to Nescio because significant parts of my childhood happened around this lake; there’s soccer fields off the right side of the lake, where I grew up playing in the neighborhood leagues, and nestled behind some of the trees in the middle is my neighborhood pool, where I learned how to swim and got my first job coaching. I know what Nescio means when he’s writing about having long conversations with his friends about the way things should be and the feeling that those moments should last forever.

But at the same time, I don’t really relate to his main character Koekebakker’s melancholy that those times are gone. I’m happy that I have those memories, but at the same time, I’ve moved on to other things that will provide new memories that I’ll look back on some day. I think it’s important to have the ability to move on and not get trapped in the past. There are good and bad parts to every different phase of life; all you can do is just try and focus on the good parts.


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