Reflections on Hometowns

Similar to the characters in Nescio’s piece, I feel a deep connection to the land in my hometown and its distinct, rural features. However, I tend to take a much more optimistic perspective on my surroundings than them. I have always found solace in my town, with its deep-rooted history, natural preserved farmland, hills and valleys, creeks and rivers, dirt roads and old bridges. Yet I rarely find myself holding other locations to the high standard set by this place; I find homes in other towns and cities, and grow to love them as much as anyone would, but my hometown stands alone as the most essential location in my story, the one that once understood, can help someone to understand me. The people it ties me to by way of childhoods spent memorizing the local scenery has some similarities to Nescio’s story, in the way it connects individuals and their psyche to a physical place and the things found there, and calls out the ways in which a hometown always remains a part of you.


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