Betsky reflection of the suburbs

I began to walk along the same route I do everyday. Seeing all of the same things. The suburbs are destroying the land’s natural beauty. Every street looks so disgustingly similar. I can not stand the concrete streets– so man made. Everything I see is entirely man-made to the grass, trees, and concrete. This same place I walk, used to be a horse farm and a forest before that. Why did they have to destroy it’s natural beauty? 

There are manufactured “nature” and man-made roads throughout the walking trail/ neighborhood. He wished there were more areas that hadn’t been touched by man and preserved in their natural state. He would notice how the “nature” like the grass, tree, and flowers are all maintained by human occupation, turning it into man made nature. He would observe how human beings completely control all lands through leadership.

In the other Nescio’s “Little Titans,” he saw the world as more monotonous. Everyday year looked exactly the same. He would talk about how the sky and leaves would darken every year and then soon after the flowers would bloom again. The cycle would repeat itself every year. They both did not like the lack of nature with urbanization.


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