Myles’s Surroundings Through Betsky’s Eyes

Myles Franklin | May 19, 2021

I am currently at Sandestin Beach Resort in Destin, Florida. It’s a beautiful resort with mostly buildings towards the beach and less densely populated lands towards inland and the bay. The buildings are in typical Florida architecture that looks somewhat old-timey but still manages to give a tropical feel. The inland and bay areas are mostly pristine golf-courses and swamp-like forests. Decades ago, these 2,500 acres would have been sparsely populated land with more alligators than people. Today, the land is filled with high rises near the ocean and suburban neighborhoods further inland. The 10-stories-or-more high rise buildings were built tall to allow resort residents within a quarter-mile of the beach to view the ocean. Ocean views are a highly-demanded amenity nowadays that are accompanied by premiums that fund these luxurious spaces. Furthermore, these buildings are built as high to accommodate growing demand. There’s only so much land space, but there is endless airspace. Shops, restaurants, and other amenities are near the beach to further incentivize residents to come to the beach area. The inland residences serve to accommodate guests and residents with long-term stays or that would like to be away from the overly energetic beach areas and feel the calm of calm of nature. The entire resort is built in a manner that serves the financial needs of the resort while also fulfilling the desires of guests and residents.


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