Delta Urbanism- Thoughts and Surprises

Arrangement showing method of driving the Archimedean screw, of a drainage mill 

One thing I learned when reading the was that windmills were invented in the late 1300’s. When people not from the Netherlands think of the Netherlands, one of the couple things that come to mind immediately are the windmills. I never knew that windmills pumped out the water- I knew they were used in grain mills and just assumed the Netherlands had a lot of mills? While reading I couldn’t really picture or understand how the windmills worked, so I looked up more information and found these diagrams. I found this interesting because it’s yet another way the land of the Netherlands has shaped part of the culture of the Netherlands. These windmills, old and new, are also a tourist destination, one is even a UNESCO world heritage site (there is also a pumping station that is a world heritage site). The windmills help keep the land from being submerged under the sea but they also serve a cultural purpose and they bring in more income from tourism.

Windmills are also featured a lot in Dutch art- furthering the cultural effects that the Netherland’s battle with the water has on the country’s culture and values.

Stokhuyzen, Fredrick. The Dutch Windmill,,


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