Climate Action – Eric

I began my research by finding countries that have similar GDP as the Netherlands to see if there might be any correlation between GDP and some success of UN SDG. However, there was no significant connection between having a strong gross domestic product and working towards the sustainable development goals. Mexico (#67 Rank), Saudi Arabia (#97 Rank) and Indonesia (#101 Rank) all were lacking behind the Netherlands in almost all the goals, except for one – Climate Action. I was surprised to see that compared to the rest, the Netherlands which ranked 9 in overall performance was having major challenges when it came to the 13th goal in the SDG Dashboard. Whereas Indonesia – which was last ranked from all my list of countries – had only some “challenges remain” when it came to the Climate Action and was on track on achieving the 13th SDG. I was curious to understand how is it that a country such as the Netherlands, crafted and built with the help of nature over hundreds of years was falling short (stagnating) on meeting the climate action when compared to Indonesia which was failing in almost all the other areas of SDG. I began to dig deeper and found out that Indonesian government had a positive mindset on protecting its tropical landscapes that are known worldwide as tourist attractions (such as Bali) and were determined to reducing greenhouse by developing strategies for land and forestry emissions. The Netherlands on the other hand are suffering from overexploitation of natural resources and loss of biodiversity which can be a signal of air and water pollution in the surrounding environment. In 1996, the Netherlands were known for having one of the world’s largest levels of industrial carbon dioxide emissions which can explain the difficulties that the countries suffer nowadays with the SDG goals. However, their government is determined to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030 and almost 95% by 2050. Nonetheless, it is important to mention that the UN SDG were made back in 2015 and had an agenda to be completed by 2030.


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