Sengh – SDR

Alongside the Netherlands, I chose to take a look at Russia, Mexico, and the USA. Starting off with the similarities it seems that basically all of the countries including Netherlands has red (major challenges) in the zero hunger category, and this is the same for climate control except for Russia where they are slightly better than the rest. Another similarity is that all 4 countries has red in the life on land category, and with the exception of Netherlands the rest of the countries also have red in the reduced inequalities section. Another major similarity that all the countries have is that they are all in the red, again except for Netherlands who is in the orange, for the category for peace, justice, and strong institutions. Overall all these countries have similar scores where Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, and USA scored 80.4, 71.9, 70.4, 76.4 respectively. These scores make sense, however I was expecting Netherlands to be a little better standing in some of these environmental factors I listed, especially compared to the USA. Also another factor that threw me off was the fact that they listed Netherlands and Russia to have SDG achieved for the no poverty, for this seems a little unattainable.


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