Sustainable Development Reports

Myles Franklin | May 25, 2021

Along with the Netherlands, I examined Japan, Nigeria, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Out of 193 countries, the Netherlands and Japan rank in the top 20 of sustainability, which is determined by progress towards completing the United Nation’s 17 sustainability goals. Being in the top 20 makes Japan and the Netherland exemplary countries for sustainability. Economic and social sustainability are Japan and the Netherland’s strongest areas. Both countries have reduced poverty to extremely low level and created strong qualities of life for citizens through education, economics, and fair laws. On the other hand, both countries are surrounded by the sea and face tremendous environmental challenges. Therefore, these countries still have a long ways to go to reach UN environmental sustainability goals.

The UAE is in the middle of the pack with a ranking of 71 for overall sustainability. It faces challenge for all of the UN sustainability goals. However, slight progress is being made. The UAE was only formed nearly 50 years ago, so the country is still in the midst of building infrastructure. Since the country is still establishing infrastructure, there have been significant improvements in education, economic growth, innovation and industry. Also, the countries natural landscape gives it a leg up in environmental sustainability since it doesn’t have natural hazard, such as flooding. However, the country has not focused on contributing to climate change efforts and continues to have high levels of resource consumption.

Nigeria is far behind the rest of the world in sustainability. So far, the country has only fulfilled one UN sustainability goal, which is responsible consumption and production. However, that goal is most likely met because of the countries failure to meet economic and social goals. Poverty and slow economic growth are major challenges for the country, but these issues also contribute to responsible consumption since abundance is a luxury in Nigeria. The country has made progress in contributing to environment sustainability through climate action.


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