De Afsluitdijk: SDG 14

I enjoyed the two, very different, videos on de afsluitdijk. How the dam created three polders, and it how the dutch made the most of the dam by building a motorway on top of it. When watching the first video by The Tim Traveller, which is from a tourist’s point of view, I just thought the afsluitdijk was cool and I did think that it probably had adverse reactions on the fish but if they did it, it probably wasn’t too bad. When I watched the 2nd video, featuring locals, and they talked about the actual affects on the fish population, like cut off access to their spawning grounds and thus led to a decline of certain fish species. The afsluitdijk was built in the 30’s and is due for some maintenance and upgrades and as part of those upgrades the plan is to install a fish river. This river will allow fish to travel between the Wadden Sea and the Ijsselmeer. While the engineers may have not realized, or maybe didn’t care, about the affects the dike would have on fish populations back in the 1930’s, the Netherlands certainly cares now and has designed a fish river to give fish a safe travel space- the fish will be able to acclimate slowly to the freshwater and be able to reach their spawning grounds. Once it is completed it should help the Netherlands reach SDG 14: life below water. However, protecting these fish or repopulating them doesn’t do anything to the other areas of “Life below water” that the Netherlands aren’t doing well on- like trawling fish or the clean water score.

De Afsluitdijk [ De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk]. (2021, February 1). Fishmigrationriver [Video]. YouTube.


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