Emma/The Zuiderzee

After reading about the Zuiderzee, it was immediately apparent that the body of water had been subjected to the dangers of human trade and commerce. This was especially clear in regards to the fishing practices that took place there. With a fleet amassing at one point over 3,000 vessels, natives took advantage of the opportunity presented by vast populations of fish in the Zuiderzee and conducted massive fishing operations. Unsurprisingly, within a few hundred years, the waters had been entirely overfished, and no longer serve as home to a large scale fishery like it once did.

I find that this story most directly relates to the 12th SDG given that it represents the overconsumption of fish that is still so prevalent today. The expansive practices that were demonstrated here were not caused by a desire to feed people as needed, but rather to produce as much of a commodity as possible in order to turn the largest potential profit. The greed of humanity is often visible in our relations with natural resources, with history proving the component of human nature that leads us to take more than we need. The Zuiderzee is a quintessential example of this sad fact.


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