Feddes and Joppes

I had been wondering what parts of the city were at sea level or under sea level so I liked this graphic and so i included it here.

The Feddes work is a lot of dense history. Lots of names, dates, and facts. I found it very informortive because it answered some questions that I’ve had like, why did the early people stay in the area that would become Amsterdam or why did people feel the need to create polders and expand the city instead of making a new city further inland.
The Joppes videos on the other hand seem to be more focused on the cultural aspects of Amsterdam’s planning and architecture rather than the dates and facts. In addition, Joppes video medium lets him show maps and visual aids in real time as well as mark them up which is especially useful to the non-Dutch viewer. The contrast helps me, the reader, visualize the city in question because contrary to the painting in the first Feddes chapter, I can picture the city and dikes and canals but also the people inhabiting the space.

Questions I have include,

What happened to human waste with so many people before 1568? With so much water, was that managed in any special way?
Were there boat rules back in the 16th century like there are rules of the road, today?
During the 15,th, 16th, 17th, centuries- was Amsterdam thought of as a sustainable city by other Europeans from other countries and cities?


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