Joppes and Feddes

Joppes’ videos explain the history and planning of Amsterdam from a cultural and religious lens. Chronologically, he takes us through the history of Amsterdam, explaining what cultural events and people shaped the architecture and planning. The maps and visuals make it much easier to visualize exactly how the land changed and was built upon. The Feddes reading on the other hand, also takes us through the history and planning of Amsterdam, however it uses a purely historical lens, focusing on how the land pushed people to build in certain ways. Something interesting the reading provides is why the Dutch choose to remain on land that was so hard to manage, which is easier to see given a timeline of events. I choose these two pictures because in the photo, you can still see the shapes and lines of the old map which almost serves as a testament to how well the Dutch have thus managed the water problem.

One big question I have is whether it is worth it to continue building and improving resiliency practices or to move farther inland to higher ground.


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