Lena Syed

Joppes video emphasized the culture around the city of Amsterdam. He spoke about how the city has changed over the past centuries and why those changes were made. I thought it was interesting how the lakes were turned into land and waterways became canals. The three canals were mainly built for transportation reasons, which is interesting how the use of canals has changed over time.

Fedde’s reading took a much more artistic approach to describing the beginning of the city of Amsterdam. He talked about the art pieces portraying the city and described Amsterdam as the shape of a chromosome. He then went on to frame his writing describing the different sections of the chromosome and the history behind it. The formation of the ring canal caught my attention, because it was described as “a magnificent and exceptionally important historical and cultural document.” The ring canal was almost a sign of wealth due to the advanced architectural design. The wealthy would calmly sail around the canal and build their grand houses along it. It became a grand living district because it was the starting point of urbanization in Amsterdam. The city became so recognizable from the ring canal. 

After looking at how Amsterdam had changed throughout the years I noticed that it covered over a couple lakes with land. I was curious if that was because the land dried up and why that happened. If that was not the case, then how did they build over the lake without causing flooding? Was this water transferred to the canals? I would wonder how this affected marine life.


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