Joope and Nordoostpolder/ Dani

The key features of a sustainable city seem to be that resources (food, shelter, water, medicine, etc) are available to all, public transportation is easy and cheap or free and walking or riding a bicycle is easy and safe, there is ample green space that is safe and appealing, using renewable resources, sustainable resources and waste is reused or recycled as much as possible, there are cultural spaces available to all, and there is a culture of sustainability around. It seems like overall, nothing works as it was designed forever.

What are the plans for the “failed utopias”? Turn them into new modern utopias? Or have the Dutch switched or given up the “utopia” or planned community mindset.

In the Nordoostpolder, for these planned communities, who exactly was doing the construction? The government? A 1940’s version of a developer?

Why did support for the new rail line to the Nordoostpolder dissipate?

I’m mostly curious, and Joppe touched on this when he was talking about the planned villages, about how young Dutch citizens feel about their planned surroundings and sustainability and their future. Joppe talked about some of the current challenges, water, not enough housing, etc. Are there big generation gaps between Gen Z and even Millennial Dutch and older folks in terms of what to do about those problems like there are here? I’m mainly curious because those older folks planned the cities, they were the architects, they built the dikes and the polders, if not literally, they were there when it happened and supported or didn’t support. So I’m curious, for the things that haven’t turned out great, what the average opinions between young and older Dutch people in terms of sustainability and the planning of their country.


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