Dancing with Horned Ladies: Dani

Cows from the short film, Dancing with Horned Ladies

I’m not particularly surprised at anything other than Jan Dirk picking up cow poop with his hands in the first scene. It all seems very nice. I think more US farms could adopt this method if they wanted to, but do they? I don’t know. This seems more expensive for sure. And in the US we have all these dairy subsidies, I don’t know how that complicated things but I’m sure it does. A gallon of milk would be what like $6 without subsides but then there is milk being wasted too?
I think the biggest hurdle would be education. Who is going to teach a new generation of farmers these methods? Not current farmers? Probably not big AG schools either. Seems like something that will stay very niche.

Not vaccinating cows but vaccinating people seems like a slippery slope in this country and especially at this time.


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