Dancing with Horned Ladies – Sengh

The most surprising part to me was how humanly and effectively the Dutch has been farming cattle the other goods they produce. Especially living in America, you usually only see mass industrial farming techniques used, which is able to get food out to a lot of people at the cost of the environment around them. In the movie Dancing with Horned Ladies, the Dutch farmers were able to show the detriment pesticides have on not only the cattle but also onto the soil that feeds the cattle. They showed how even after the cattle consumed the pesticides their waste would go back into the soil and ruin its nutrients. Not only can American agriculture learn from the way the Dutch farmers avoid pesticides, they can also learn from the way they keep their livestock. Rather than the American industrial farming where they keep their livestock caged and for efficiency sake, they should follow the way Dutch treat their livestock as living beings and respect their quality of life. Some potential ways that this could be implemented in American agriculture is if the government puts restrictions on the use of pesticides or even just the complete ban on them. Another could be focus on the quality of life of the livestock rather than the amount of produce a farm can make. Seemingly utopic, I believe that the control on industrial farming and ensuring the quality of life for the livestock seems impossible considering the fact that industrial farming is so widespread across the country that its going to be hard to make this change all at once.


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