Lena Syed

At first when I heard that they didn’t use antibiotics or vaccines on the cows, I was questioning it a lot. I didn’t think it made sense because antibiotics and vaccines prevent bacteria and viruses. It was interesting to learn that cows act much differently when they aren’t on antibiotics and are happier as well. Although antibiotics may help with inflammation, it ends up causing more harm than good. When a cow is on antibiotics, it gets into the whole body of the cow, so the cows milk ends up going to waste for one week. It goes into the cow’s dung, which ends up going into the soil, which causes lots of waste. The film showed how horrible pesticides are for the cows and the soil.  Even after the cows eat the pesticides, their dung would go back into the soil and ruin its nutrients. American farmers go for the cheapest way to produce more milk, but they could really learn from the Dutch a much better way and avoid pesticides. The film also showed the farmers using herbs to cure major issues from the farm. They used herbs to get rid of lungworm and Rota. Rota is a diarrhea that kills ⅓ of newborn calves, and they save them using natural remedies. They are also having issues with mites eating their cheese, so they used silicic acid to kill all mites that try to get into the cheese. They also used herbs to make the cows more fertile. American farmers can definitely learn from the Dutch to use more natural remedies that are better for the farm and environment instead of pesticides. Pesticides may be the cheaper option, but it is not beneficial in the long run. The American government should give subsidies or tax cuts to farmers who use natural remedies to solve their problems. 


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