Nature or profit

The thing that surprises me the most from this documentary was how important horns are to cows. Horns serve a variety of functions, including providing minerals when they are not getting enough from their diet, preventing their hooves from deteriorating. The horns also play a role in digestion because they help regulate metabolism. I think that the method of using less/no antibiotics is a method that could be applied to American agriculture. However, there would have to be a huge shift in mindset as antibiotics and American agriculture is geared towards profit. As the farmers say, “antibiotics make milk cheap.” Another change that could be applied is simply feeding grass to cows instead of corn because of the natural diet of cows. This, however, requires more land in order to allow the cows to graze and is also an issue of profits because corn fattens cows quicker and corn is subsidized by the US government, making it extremely cheap for feed.


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