Nature vs Nurture

This documentary was educational because it shined a light on the issue of using antibiotics on farm animals and contrasted them with animals that maintained a natural diet with no external substances. The cows that did not use antibiotics had totally different milk, were happier, and were a part of a new management system that was very caring and natural. In the meantime, the cows that were injected with various mixes of herbs and chemicals experienced some side effects, such as not being able to produce milk for the first weeks when the antibiotics were injected into their body. One thing that came to my mind when I learned this information was “how do we know that the milk we are buying from stores has farmers that maintain this practice?”

It is true, the antibiotics stimulate and detoxify organs since some cows have digestive issues. The question is, shouldn’t we let nature take its course? In a way, the natural conservatives are promoting this ideal practice to re-transform our connection with nature in hopes of improving the quality of our foods as well as improving the health of the animals.

Can this be done in the United States?

  • I do not think it is fair to compare the Netherlands with the US because of the population difference. To compare the vast difference, New York is the size of the Netherlands (19 million ~ 17 million). Yet, that does not mean that is impossible to begin implementing or promoting regulations where farmers would slowly transform their practices towards environmental-friendly proceedings.


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