Farming With A Purpose

Myles Franklin | June 9, 2021

In Hurst’s article, “Welcome To the Purpose Economy,” he discusses operating a business with a purpose greater than just making money. In Netherlands, there are several instances of a purpose economy. A perfect example is the farming couple, the Voorts, from Dancing With The Horned Ladies. The couple operated their farm with a social purpose and societal purpose. The farming couple sacrificed higher profits to create healthier agricultural practices and educate the community on them. The film shows the couple helping their animal community by implementing healthier farming practices and the local Dutch community by educating them on how to implement these practices at their own farms. Hurst’s article points out a nonprofit with a very much different business model but similar purpose. Kate’s Club is a nonprofit that helps youth through bereavement with camps, counseling, and other services. There are business that do the same as Kate’s Club but for a fee. Kate doesn’t charge anything because like the Voorts, her primary goal and purpose is to serve the community.


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