Overdiep polder

The Overdiep project seems to have been considered successful because it set the foundation for allowing residents to have a role in development. In the end, the plan developed by residents was accepted and implemented. In the eye of higher powers, it seems successful because of this, even though it divided the communities and pushed some farmers to move. I think that in terms of agriculture, nature, or water safety, it is very dependent on who you are asking. These areas are connected and influence each other, making it difficult to choose one as more important from an unbiased view. If you have an agenda however, such as looking from the Rijkswaterstaat’s POV vs one of the farmers, it would be more clear as to what is important to that person. The publication doesn’t paint these three things as interconnected, however the website shows this idea much more clearly. For example, farmland doesn’t have to interfere with nature as it can serve as its own ecosystem.


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