Peter – Purpose Economy Response

I think the Purpose Economy is absolutely present in the Netherlands. In the Dancing with Horned Ladies documentary, it’s abundantly clear that Jan Dirk is living his life’s purpose in challenging the farming orthodoxy and forging emotional bonds with his livestock. He’s an advocate for a return to a more natural way of farming and is willing to dedicate his entire life to that purpose.

However, we need to be aware that thinking about the Purpose Economy is only enabled by coming from economic means or a strong welfare state. People living in poverty don’t have the luxury to think about their “purpose,” or as Abraham Maslow calls it, self-actualization. People living in poverty are preoccupied thinking about their physiological and safety needs. In Hurst’s article, the people in each of his examples had preexisting access to capital which allowed them to pursue their “purposes”: Warren Brown had the money and security to quit his job at a law firm to open a bakery, Kristine Ashe had the money to buy a vineyard for her family, and Kate Atwoord had the ability to quit a stable job with NASCAR at age 22 to start a nonprofit.

I absolutely think the Purpose Economy is the way forward for how we need to think about structuring our society, but we need to be aware that it has certain requirements to exist.


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