Purpose economy and limitations

One of the examples I can see purpose economy in is Jan Dirk and his method of farming. One element of purpose economy is finding a personal purpose, which he found through being able to create a more “natural” farm by stopping the use of antibiotics and vaccines. He recognized a problem in the current farming practices and worked with his wife to make changes. This is similar to how Warren Brown found his purpose, by “recognizing a problem, cultivating the self-awareness to understand what needed to change, and pushing himself to make the necessary changes so that he could grow.”

In each of Hurst’s examples, the individuals he described already had a solid economic foundation to start from. A big issue however, is that for many people they work in order to survive and don’t have the means to branch out and fulfill their dreams. A lot of the resources and people that Hurst mentions are from big corporations or people that have experience, allowing them to look at how different mindsets and options affect business.  


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