Saline Agriculture & Cake Bites

The purpose economy incorporates goals into business plans. For example, many brands are now incorporating long term sustainability into their business models. The Dutch have been doing this for a while with their sustainable agricultural methods. When writing my last paper I learned about a Dutch farmer who began using saline water for crop irrigation. This is extremely sustainable in long term agriculture as fresh water is a precious commodity. The Dutch have continuous issues with droughts and floods due to their swamp foundation, so pursuing salt water irrigation could be extremely beneficial. The salt water irrigation is not able to water all types of crops. It can only be used for specific crops like potatoes and carrots, but it is still a huge step forward into more sustainable agriculture.

Hurst gave the example of Cake Bites as an example of personal purpose in the purpose economy. Cakes Bites merged as a manager surveyed people and realized that they found cake to be very messy, so the manager created the solution of cake bites. Cake Bites were extremely successful and they are now sold at Whole Foods. This is a great example of a purpose economy because the manager simply chased his passion to create a great business and sense of purpose. He recognized an issue, understood the self awareness to know what needed to change, and implemented action. This is similar to the farmer who incorporated saline irrigation. They both recognized an issue, took action, and pursued it. Both the farmer and manager were able to help other people with purpose. Although saline irrigation could be much more beneficial compared to Cake Bites, they both applied the same methods of a purpose economy.


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