Overdiep Pordler – Eric

Checking richness of soil structure and life in the Western peat medows

I was in awe when I discovered how the decentralization of power and the inclusion of the farmers, and their experiences became a crucial step towards securing the Overdiep project and creating a future flood risk management system. I think the idea of allowing the farmers to contribute to the decision-making of the terp plans was one of the most evolutionary implementations done in the country.

When I read this, what came to my mind is how developed countries rule over their nation vs the developing ones. While the ones that are developed have a bottom to top transformations and implementations, the others that are still developing suffer decision makings conducted only from the top of the hierarchy. However, in that case, who suffers the future consequences? The leaders or their people? The breakthrough and success in land management in this scenario prove that the Dutch have gone even a step ahead and understood the importance of providing their local communities the ability to also partake in shaping the local as well as their public interests of the region.

Due to this, I believe that to some extent it was a success on both fronts. Firstly, it was a success for the government, which found a new way of managing affairs with the farmers. Secondly, it was a success for the farmers who now have a say over the lands they farm and reside in. The future is secured towards sustainability and safety, that is what should be considered a success in the eyes of the Dutch people.


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