Portrayal of Black Media (1600s)


The video’s gave me a complete different perspective on the way black people were treated before slavery. For one, I didn’t even know that there were black people in the Netherlands before slavery. I want to learn more about how there was a black community in the Netherlands as early as the 1600’s. I thought it was interesting how the Dutch were originally very progressive and thought that every man in the Netherlands was free and slaves were allowed to go to the court for freedom. There was an African community living in the Netherlands as equals and free. The African’s were depicted like everyone else. This was my first time seeing old paintings where black people were not shown as servants or slaves. They were shown with wealth and dressed nicely– they weren’t struggling or suffering. 

I think this would relate to SDG 10 of reduced inequalities. The speaker talked about how you can’t show black people positively without the negatives, but it was still nice to look back at the sliver of positivity. As early as 400 AD, there was a superiority complex with Europe. Although there was a brief period of time where black people were thought of as human beings, right when the transatlantic trade started booming, this immediately stopped. The Dutch began to think of Africa as a land with animals and beasts. They stopped thinking of black people as human beings to justify their cruel acts.

I would like to learn more about how racism in the Netherlands compares to racism in the US. I would also like to know if there are any programs targeted to help black people in the Netherlands. 


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