Questions for Jennifer Tosch

  1. Is there a difference between the racism towards Black people or maybe even Asian or Hispanic people and then like other European people like Romanians or Bulgarians. If so, what does that look like? Is so, how does this difference affect how people do anti-racism work?
  2. I normally hear of anti-immigration or anti-muslim attitudes in Europe more than I hear stories about racism, Black Pete, being an outlier. If there a difference in the Netherlands between people who may be Black or of another race who were born there or whose parent’s were born there and those who are immigrants? Why do you think one category of stories is more prevalent? Is it because far right political parties are associated with anti-immigration and not racism specifically?
  3. What is the best thing the Netherlands or Dutch people do when it comes to race and racism and what is the worst or the thing they need to work on the most?

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