Amsterdam Remembrance

“At cemetery De Nieuwe Ooster in Amsterdam is a memorial dedicated to eighteen executed resistance fighters. The monument is a design by Hildo Krop”

The stumbling stones are very interesting and it seems to match up pretty well with the Feddes map of Jewish residences in 1941. Most of the stones are along the Jewish quarter, the like southeastern section of Amsterdam and along the southern ridge, however, quantity of stones seems really low for the number of dots on the map. I think the stones are nice for those families but I don’t think they impress on visitors or residents the sheer number of people we’re talking about- if the memorial isn’t to scale I think people can get an idea that it wasn’t too many people- after all I only see two stones on my way to work, etc.

Also in the Jeruzalem area of Amsterdam is a large cemetery where there are multiple war memorials including one for Buchenwald victims but also one for Dutch resistance fighters. I thought about what Kuper said about the Dutch grasping to the idea that Holland was good “in the past” and about the Anne Frank house being a monument to Dutch betrayl. I think that in the historic Jewish neighborhoods of Amsterdam a holocaust memorial or monument could probably exist without the monuments to other people who lost their lives in the war. I’m sure there are other cemeteries that could have hosted this monument to resistance fighters. To me it seems like it says, here is a memorial to holocaust victims- but not survivors-, but please walk across the cemetery and remember that some of us tried to help.


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