Lena- Remembrance Memorials


The reading by Kuper gave excellent insight over the history of Jewish people in Amsterdam. Kuper mentioned that although people are regularly traveling to the plaza, they may not know the historical significance of where they are. Only those who are aware of the history will be able to pass this information down to future generations. Both the Remberance Stones in Amsterdam do a great job memorializing the Holocaust. The Feddes’ 1941 Amsterdam map of Jewish residence and STIWOT’s images of stumbling stone memorials captured those who were killed in the Holocust. It is great that the Holocust memorials are located all over the city, but they could never fully represent all of the lives taken by Germans. The Fedde’s map shows the amount of people in the Jewish community. The STIWOT images show the direct names of people involved. The Feddes map is not something that you see every single day, but the stones have engraved names on them which will be there for a long time. The streets and walls may be more likely to change although the maps will always be in the archives. It is so important to have these memorials, so we don’t forget anything from the past. These memorials force us to remember the harsh acts of the past.


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