Remembrance Stones – Sengh

I really like the fact that these remembrance stones are integrated into the Dutch society and even in their geography. This makes it so they are unable to forget the atrocities that occurred during the holocaust in Amsterdam. These remind me of the various paintings of and architecture that have Africans on then from the slave trading days. Both the remembrance stones and the pictures / architecture force the people in Amsterdam to acknowledge the part they played in both instances. I think it is important to see what the true history of a place is rather than just “sweeping it under the rug” and act as if these moments in history never happened, or that they were never a part of it. Not only this but Kuper also notes in his article the role the Dutch played in the holocaust. They as well turned over their own Jewish neighbors in fear of what the Germans will do. The stones not only serve as a memorial of what happened to they Jewish people living in Amsterdam during the holocaust, but also a how the Dutch aided in rounding up their own Jewish community.


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